August 2019

Dragages Singapore smart PPVC factory

At Dragages Singapore we believe that PPVC technology is a sustainable game-changer for the construction industry – Transforming the way buildings are constructed today and revolutionizing construction methodologies. This is the direction that the industry is heading towards.

In 2018, Dragages Singapore dedicated a 7,000sqm fit-out facility in Jurong Port to meet the increasing demand for PPVC projects in Singapore. This factory is where technical and architectural works such as flooring, painting, plumbing, electricity and waterproofing are performed and tested.

Digitisation has enabled better coordination between the factory and the jobsites and thanks to the QR codes on each module, we are able to easily monitor our progress in real time.

Also in this facility, Dragages Singapore is implementing new technologies and Iean manufacturing concepts with the aim of enhancing productivity and automatizing construction processes.

To boost efficiency, Dragages Singapore utilises robotic equipment – the Effibot automatic tracking cart. The Effibot can be pre-programmed to follow a specific route or a worker, and is fitted with a built-in sensor to detect obstacles. Furthermore, the Effibot helps move tools and materials (up to 250 kg), with a battery capacity of up to eight hours.

In addition, Dragages employs the ‘zero-gravity arms’ to decrease the workers’ physical burden caused by heavy tools, further increasing health and safety. The system is equipped with exoskeleton and can hold loads up to 16 kg.

More innovations are currently being tested at the factory and Dragages Singapore will keep investing in innovations and R&D in the years to come to maintain our position as a top player in modular construction.