Park Colonial

2017 - 2021

A condominium development comprising six blocks of 14-15-16 storey apartments (total: 837units) with landscape, 1 ½ basement car park, a swimming pool and communal facilities.


The development is located strategically next to Woodleigh MTR station and connected to major arterial roads and expressways. Connectivity will be further enhanced with the construction of the upcoming bus interchange.


A fully reinforced Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC) concrete system will be adopted for this development. All units will be manufactured in a controlled off-site environment, enhancing safety, quality and time controls. Noise, dust and logistics-related disturbances to neighbourhoods will also be minimised.


Client CEL Development Pte Ltd & HEETON Holdings Limited
Architect ADDP Architects
Project Design and build of six blocks of buildings, 837 units
Commercial and office space 52,777 sqm
Number of storeys 14-16
Year 2017 - 2021