Safety Initiatives


The 11 Corporate Safety Guidelines


  • Possession or consumption of drugs and/or alcohol is strictly forbidden on site, including workers’ quarters
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements on site: Helmet, Safety spectacles, Reflective vest, Gloves and Safety boots
  • All types of earphones, radios headphones and other playing devices which may cause distraction are banned on sites
  • Designated and safe pedestrian routes with notice and barriers
  • Prohibition on using TOYO scaffold for working platforms
  • Mandatory use of safety harness for PPE and use of ladders with handrails, platforms, mobile elevated working platforms (MEWP), and scaffolds as tools in all high level operations. A-frame ladders are banned on site.
  • Only rigid material (steel tubes, posts) may be used for guardrail at floor edge
  • Proper stacking of materials with tie up, racks, stoppers
  • All dangerous parts of machinery and equipment must be installed with guarding
  • Material cannot be stacked up against guardrails or mesh
  • Only trained and authorised signaller and banksman (identified with labels and yellow reflective vest) is engaged for lifting and moving plant operation. There should be an appointed Lifting Team


DSPL conducted a Safety Promotion Week in June 2016 in cooperation with the Singapore Contractors Association. All active sites, New Futura @ Leonie Hill, Woodlands Crescent Nursing Home , and The Venue Residences and Shoppes participated in the campaign. The week-long event included safety talks, trainings, exhibitions, drills, quizzes and site walks.

  • Thailand's Minister of Labour and former Permanent Secretary for Defence, General Sirichai Distakul, visited Dragages at the Skyvue site in Bishan

  • Thai Labour Minister met up with our Thai workers to have a better understanding of their welfare and workplace in Singapore

  • Thai Labour Minister addressing our workers at site

  • Visit by Hong Kong Safety Council for a benchmark study on Safety

  • Visitors from Vietnam learn more about safe practices on site

DSPL constantly holds site visits showcasing our good practices for the authorities, institutions, and international councils or organisations.

  • The Managing Director, Executive Directors, Department Heads, Project Directors, Project Managers, Superintendents and Engineers go on a site walk to assess the conditions on site

Under the new Management and with the guidance of the improved Bouygues Construction Safety & Health policies, Dragages Singapore formed a Corporate Safety & Health Committee helmed by the Managing Director as its Chairman. The main purpose of the committee is to review the safety performance of the projects as well as to provide a platform where safety-related issues and good practices can be shared among the teams. A site walk is conducted at the beginning of the meeting followed by the safety presentations prepared by each project.


The Corporate Safety Committee was officially launched in the first meeting in February 2016 at The Venue project.

  • Addressing the workers before the start of the exercise

  • Checks during the 5-minute time-out

  • Successful implementation of 5@11

The 5@11 safety time-out system requires all site staff and workers to stop any work and activity for 5 minutes at 11am and leaders/foremen supervise their workforce to check and give a brief feedback on his findings during the exercise. Throughout the 5-minute time-out, everyone is expected to do checks on themselves, their co-workers and their surroundings for any dangerous conditions and safety lapses. The Safety Team, together with the Supervision team, are stationed at different locations on site to get a bigger picture of the implementation.


5@11 was first implemented at the New Futura and The Venue Residences and Shoppes projects, both being at the peak of production. Feedback on the initial execution of the system was positive, with some commenting that there was a heightened sense of safety. The newer projects will implement this initiative as well.