Guild of the Lions

Dragages and its parent company recognise individuals’ commitment and loyalty through membership of the “Guild of the Lions”. The programme aims to foster loyalty, professionalism and strong commitment to company values.


The programme is a long standing tradition of “Les Compagnons du Minorange”1, created in 1963 by Francis Bouygues which aims at rewarding the best workers in the company. Through Guild members, best practices in terms of safety, morality, discipline and fellowship are being promoted to all colleagues.


To enhance the versatility and career developments of Guild members, various training opportunities are provided to help them acquire new professional skills.


Dragages Singapore’s Guild of the Lion was officially launched on 16 June 2014 with Bouygues Group Chairman and CEO Martin Bouygues in attendance.



1 Whilst each guild bears a specific name and adopts specific rules related to its home country, the guilds all share a set of common values and rules which reflect the culture of  Dragages Singapore and the Bouygues Group.

  • The Guild’s second 2015 safety workshop and Managing Director Fabrice Denis’ meeting with Guild members in October 2015

  • BBQ Night at East Coast Park on 22 August 2015

  • Guild of Lions’ Safety Workshop held in April 2015

  • Bouygues Group Chairman and CEO Mr Martin Bouygues congratulated members on the launch of the Guild of Lions

  • The Guild of Lions was officially launched on 16 June 2014

  • Basic English course for members from September to November 2014