Green and Gracious

Dragages Singapore has long been a green and gracious contractor.   Dragages controls the environmental footprint and societal impact of construction activities through design, technology and site practices.   We regulate the consumption of non-renewable resources and promote greener practices such as extensive use of DSPL integrated metal formwork system, on-site recycling of water, and use of environment-friendly labelled materials for construction.   Our projects monitor environmental and societal impact in the areas of noise, air quality, waste water, land pollution, and biodiversity.   We maintain receptive communication with our stakeholders. Our employees’ well-being is also guaranteed through the provision of full facilities at their work areas and/or living quarters; appreciation of our staff and workers through awards or incentives; and offering of valuable trainings.   Innovation is always at the heart of Dragages. These innovations such as PPVC technology, robotics, and digitalization has allowed us to curb our environmental impact, improve well-being at work, and stand in the community as a responsible and committed contractor.

BCA GGBA Star valid til 25 April 2022