Quality, Safety & Environment

Sustainable construction is at the heart of our strategy and driven by our pioneering spirit. We are committed to designing, building, and operating high-performance, sustainable buildings with the end goal of improving the quality of people’s living and working environments. At the same time, we strive to keep the building’s ecological footprint to a minimum.

In addition to compliance with legal and clients’ requirements, we report our QSE performance indicators to our parent company for regular internal checks. The reports embrace a wide array of sustainability commitments such as ensuring the health, safety, and well-being of our employees, exploring new techniques founded on deep-seated quality practices, and enforcing environmentally sustainable actions in our worksites.

By sharing the same vision and working hand-in-hand towards it, we managed to foster long-term relationships with our different stakeholders. Our QSE achievements are well-recognised with numerous awards and commendations, and we endeavour to adapt to new requirements to maintain the highest Quality, Safety & Health, and Environmental standards.


To help meet the challenges of sustainable development, Dragages Singapore is supported by a global initiative called Responsible and Committed. At Dragages Singapore, we believe every project is an opportunity to build ambitious solutions for sustainable benefit.

Being responsible means respecting our clients and collaborators, the environment and our stakeholders. Through individual and collective initiatives, we safeguard the health and safety of all people on our sites, ensure ethical behaviour and the protection of the environment.

Being committed means contributing to the development of the communities in which we operate – through our concrete actions on the ground. We encourage and empower employees to prioritise local employment, purchasing and training, to ensure we leave a legacy of long lasting value for the communities we work in. Our commitment to Shared Innovation is fundamental to our ambition of creating sustainable outcomes.

Our Responsible and Committed policy outlines 12 commitments that determine the way we operate and interact with our clients, collaborators and stakeholders. Each theme is embodied by at least one quantified target and extra financial reporting indicator.

Responsible and Committed


Dragages Singapore GREEN ambition for sustainable development and towards zero carbon footprint.

Green ambition