Quality, Safety & Environment

Dragages Singapore follows the parameters of our parent company and considers the Quality, Safety & Environment (QSE) system as part of our sustainable strategies. Through proper structure and implementation of our QSE systems, we aim to achieve the highest standard of sustainability.

In addition to the compliance of legal and clients’ requirements, we report our QSE performance indicators to our parent company for regular internal evaluations. The Report / Evaluation embraces a wide array of sustainability commitments such as health and safety of our employees, environmentally-friendly measures implemented on worksites.

Through the delivery of high quality projects and implementation of environmentally-friendly measures, we manage to foster long-term relationships with our stakeholders.  In parallel, we attach great importance to the safety of our people. Our QSE achievements are well recognised with numerous awards and commendations, and we strive to adapt to new requirements so as to maintain a high QSE standard.