Training Policy

Dragages is committed to the continuous training and development of its workforce, across all disciplines and seniority levels.

Our programmes are designed to allow every staff member to develop and maintain the necessary skills to reach their full professional potential.

We believe that a proactive training policy is essential in building a confident, highly-qualified and effective team, capable of delivering projects at a world-class level.

Our training and development needs are monitored and assessed on an annual basis to ensure our programmes are in line with global industry standards.


HR induction sessions are conducted for all new employees. In addition to the briefing of the Company’s background information, HR team will also share with them policies and procedures of different departments so as to facilitate their integrations into the Company.  New recruits will also visit our job sites to get familiar with our operations.


Stemming from our parent company in France, the Confucius Training Centre (CTC) is a training service hub that provides training to all Asia-Pacific subsidiaries. As a member of Bouygues Construction University, CTC promotes a lifelong learning culture and offers training and development initiatives for employees in technical skills, including professional know-how, personal effectiveness, and self-driven e-learning programmes. CTC also serves as a platform for the exchange of experience, knowledge, and culture!

  • CTC Training

  • Grandmaster – group discussion

  • Jules Verne – site visit to Jewel @ Buangkok condominium project

  • Jules Verne