Design & Engineering

Design and Build – 3C Collaboration

We embrace 3C Collaboration between Client, Consultant and Contractor.

All parties work as one team, we participate in the design development and in the project management as a partner

One Common Goal:

Successful High Quality and On-Time Delivery

Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD)

Streamlining work process and connecting stakeholders through Digital Data, Innovation and Technology to deliver a better outcome for end users.

Proprietary Metal Formwork System
  • Safe and High-Quality Proprietary System for metal formwork and self-supported working platform.
  • Improves productivity and enhances the safe working environment
In-House Precast System
  • High productivity with in-house precast production
  • Cast on-site without requirement for delivery / logistic
Advanced Precast Construction System (APCS)

Ease on-site assembly – Simplified structural design & connections

Improved productivity – Reduced need for concreting works on-site

Shorter floor cycle – Minimal / No temporary work / falsework

Improved quality control – Wider adoption of automation

MEP Modular System

Prefabricated Mechanical Electrical & Plumbing Components that are assembled off-site prior to delivery and installation on site

Steel Structure Construction

Dragages Singapore has experience in managing complex steel structure construction

Mass Engineered Timber (MET) System

Sustainable construction method which improves productivity, creates better working environment, improves quality control, and environmentally friendly

Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC)

Prefabricated Construction method whereby a free-standing volumetric modules are constructed and assembled off-site prior to delivery and installation on site

This system improves productivity, creates safer working condition, delivers higher quality, and environmentally friendly”