Our People

In our industry, success is driven by the expertise, commitment and passion of our people. The success of each Dragages Singapore project is supported by the dedication of every person on site. From the first concept to the completed project, Dragages Singapore is continually looking ahead for ways to innovate, improve and manage risk.

We care our people
  • Staff Convention

  • Staff Convention

  • Staff Convention

  • Staff Convention - Teambuilding Activities

  • Staff Convention - Teambuilding Activities

  • Info Seminar

  • Power Up Managers – Virtual Session

  • Heracles Starters

  • Heracles Starters

  • Leading Safety

  • Safety Pledge 2018

  • Signing of Safety Pledge

  • We Love Life Safety Campaign

  • Managing Director with project management and staff during the presentation of Safety Awards

  • Safety Talk given to the workers emphasising their role in keeping a site safe

  • Safety-related activities such as talks, training, quizzes, exhibitions were organised

  • QSE Department Head conducting a Traffic Management Training for the project staff and key personnel

  • Health and Safety Managers and superintendents giving a training on Working-at-Heights to the workers

Our multi-cultural company combines the best international professionals with global experience and high-calibre local teams who understand the local culture and practices. With our global network of companies, we are able to easily match the right skills to the right project and to rapidly mobilise multi-disciplinary teams.

The working culture within Dragages Singapore is built on mutual respect, open communication and professional development. This extends from our clients, sub-contractors and suppliers to our onsite labour and office-based management. We incentivise strong teams and individual excellence, because we understand that only by working together do we provide the best possible solutions to our clients.