Health & Safety

At Dragages Singapore, it is our core value to ensure the health & safety of all employees in all our workplaces.

Our commitment is anchored to our safety pledge : “Everyday, Every Person Returns Home Safely”.

Under the helm of our Managing Director, the positive culture of safety leadership is inculcated through:

– Management’s active involvement in H&S inspections

– 12 H&S Basics

– Learn & Share Sessions

– H&S Innovations

– Intervention

– H&S Feedback and Workers’ Participation

– Safety Promotions, and other H&S Initiatives.

We have constantly maintained our ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems and our BizSAFE Partner and BizSAFE Star Certifications.


Via our Systematic Approach to Safety, we strive to instill safety leadership in all our employees from our workers on the ground to the top management.  Health & Safety is a commitment shared by all.


Dragage Singapore Safety Initiatives
Possession, distribution or being at work while under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol is forbidden.

Dragage Singapore Safety Initiatives
All personnel, including visitors, who work on or visit our construction sites shall wear as a minimum:

.Safety shoes
.A hard hat
.High visibility jacket
and task-specific PPE when required as defined by task specific risk assessment:
.Safety glasses
.Hearing protection
.Safety gloves
For activities in third party premises, specific PPE must be defined after task risk analysis.

Dragage Singapore Safety Initiatives
Obey traffic regulations both on-and off-site.

Horizontal and vertical walkways and travel paths should be designed to prevent slip, trips and falls. Walkways be made of suitable materials and should be well lit for pedestrian traffic and work activities.

Each site must have a plan to segregate mobile equipment and vehicle roadways from pedestrian traffic.

Dragage Singapore Safety Initiatives
The workers start their day with a warm-up and daily briefing.

They will formally share any experiences from the previous day whilst being allocated new tasks for the day ahead(incl. potential risks identifications.)

Dragage Singapore Safety Initiatives
No work can commence without:
.A clear definition of the task
.An assessment of safety and health risk(short or long-term) associated with method statement, the working environment and mitigation measures.
. A formal training for task and risk overview is to be conducted

Any technical or organizational changes of a task shall only proceed with a re-assessment of the risks and amendment in the plan; with an upgrade of training if required.

Dragage Singapore Safety Initiatives
To maintain health and well-being of employee, tasks that generate constraints must be analyzed to remove, replace or reduce the ill health impact.

In particular, mechanical means must be embedded into the design principle to limit the effects of vertical of horizontal handling operations.

Dragage Singapore Safety Initiatives
Temporary structures, equipment of plant (form panels, formwork, precast elements, scaffolding, etc.) must be installed and stabilized as per approved technical guidance and method statement. Their stability must be maintained throughout all phases and differing

locations of the work environment.

Dragage Singapore Safety Initiatives
Work on energised systems can only be performed after formal switching off and isolation has been proven.

Do not perform any work on electrical systems without checking first that it has been rendered de-energised/isolated by the appointed personal and placed in a locked off position. The appointed person and the person performing the work must check physical isolation.

Dragage Singapore Safety Initiatives
No work can be carried out without appropriate tools that are designed for the task and its environment. These must be inspected regularly and maintained appropriately.

Dragage Singapore Safety Initiatives
All work at height that should be carried out from a fixed or mobile platform of from a scaffold with guard or handrails designed for the task and shall be subject to inspection before use.

Access to working platforms must be built from a metallic stabilized structure designed to prevent falls. Temporary stairs or stair towers must be used as a means of access to working platforms. Use of ladder or stepladders as working platforms is prohibited.

Dragage Singapore Safety Initiatives
On working platforms an all-around fall protection system must be used where practicable.  Protection systems must be stiff and fit for purpose to protect from falls from heights, falling objects or projectiles.

Dragage Singapore Safety Initiatives
In the event of seeing unsafe acts or conditions, it is everyone’s duty to intervene:
. Stop, analyze and correct if possible,
. Otherwise stop the job and report to your management.


DSPL conducted a Safety Promotion Week in June 2016 in cooperation with the Singapore Contractors Association. All active sites, New Futura @ Leonie Hill, Woodlands Crescent Nursing Home , and The Venue Residences and Shoppes participated in the campaign. The week-long event included safety talks, trainings, exhibitions, drills, quizzes and site walks.

  • MOM Visit – Study on Silica Exposure

  • BCA CEO and Directors visit to Dragages Singapore PPVC Fit Out Factory

  • BCA CEO and Directors visit to Dragages Singapore PPVC Fit Out Factory

  • Hong Kong Permanent Secretary for Development (Works) Visit

  • Thai Labour Minister met up with our Thai workers to have a better understanding of their welfare and workplace in Singapore

  • Thai Labour Minister addressing our workers at site

  • Visit by Hong Kong Safety Council for a benchmark study on Safety

  • Visitors from Vietnam learn more about safe practices on site

DSPL constantly holds site visits showcasing our good practices for the authorities, institutions, and international councils or organisations.

  • Safety Pledge

  • Monthly Learn & Share at Bideford

  • Monthly Learn & Share at Garden Residences

  • Monthly Learn & Share at Perumal

  • Monthly Learn & Share at CapitaSpring

  • Weekly Management Site Walk

  • GOL – EHS Training Workshop

  • The Managing Director, Executive Directors, Department Heads, Project Directors, Project Managers, Superintendents and Engineers go on a site walk to assess the conditions on site

Under the new Management and with the guidance of the improved Bouygues Construction Safety & Health policies, Dragages Singapore formed a Corporate Safety & Health Committee helmed by the Managing Director as its Chairman. The main purpose of the committee is to review the safety performance of the projects as well as to provide a platform where safety-related issues and good practices can be shared among the teams. A site walk is conducted at the beginning of the meeting followed by the safety presentations prepared by each project.


The Corporate Safety Committee was officially launched in the first meeting in February 2016 at The Venue project.

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