December 2019

TopSite Label for UpTown@Farrer project

Congratulation to UpTown@Farrer project team for successfully to earn TopSite Label from Bouygues Construction in December 2019. Thanks to the professionalism, hard work and perseverance of the project team in fulfilling the 16 qualifying criteria from 5 topics and approve 2 bonus innovations.

TopSite: A Shared Label of Excellence across All Our Entities
To demonstrate how it is leading by example in terms of Sustainable Development, Bouygues Construction is creating TopSite: a new label across all entities, around the world.

By uniting all the entities, TopSite is in line with Bouygues Construction’s Company Social Responsibility (CSR) procedure “Response and Committed” and is its first concrete example, implemented at the heart of our projects on our construction and operational sites.

What is the aim of TopSite?
To ensure that our standards are upheld in the 80 countries where we operate and give our customers guarantees about our CSR performance.

How does it work?
An evaluation grid has developed, designed as much for construction as our infrastructure and energy & services activities. The grid does not contain any scales or weighting and avoids promoting any particular topic; being labelled TopSite means leading by example in all CSR fields.

To obtain the label, construction sites have to fulfil 16 qualifying criteria from 5 topics and approve 2 bonus innitiatives.