September 2017

Successful Delivery – A&A Works at One Marina Boulevard

Dragages Singapore completed all Addition and Alternation (A&A) works at One Marina Boulevard, a 32 floors high rise office building located in the Central Business District, in September 2017.

A wide array of works were carried out, comprising of structural and architectural works at the basement, lower levels, and typical floors common areas; partial façade replacement; renovation of Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) systems and equipment; and enhancement of vertical transportation.

To perform A&A works within a live site, in which the building remained operational, presented great challenges. Meticulous planning and precise work sequencing were the keys of success. On-time completion and quality delivery of A&A works were complimented by our client and brought us additional contracts of enhancement works in the same premises.

Client : Mercatus Delta Co-Operative Limited (real estate subsidiary of the National Trades Union Congress)
Architect : RSP Architects Planners and Engineers