The Residences at W Singapore Sentosa Cove

2008 – 2011

Dragages Singapore was the main contractor for the design and construction of this prestigious 228-apartment residential complex comprising nineteen 6-storey buildings nestled amidst the exclusive waterfront residential enclave of Sentosa Cove.


Throughout the construction of this 37,000 sqm building project, dual commitments of sustainability and protection of the environment were our prime considerations. 4% of the total project cost was allocated to developing sustainable construction solutions. Substantial investments on design innovations bore encouraging results – a reduced energy consumption of some 38% when compared with similar buildings which conformed to local codes and regulations.


A wide array of sustainable features is incorporated into the development, including the adoption of carbon neutral ‘eco-concrete’. Silent pilers and steel reusable formworks ensured all work activities contributed to a low energy and low carbon emissions site. Operation of the development’s rainwater and condensate water recovery system ensured water was 100% recycled for irrigation. Highly efficient air-conditioning units were set in place and used 50% less energy than standard low energy units. The building’s passive design also increased energy efficiency. Passive cooling systems brought natural cross-ventilation to building spaces, with sun shading, low-emissivity glass and the creation of multiple green façades contributing to on-going sustainability.


This project received a Building and Construction Authority (BCA) Green Mark Platinum Certificate in 2008, a testament of thorough consideration for the environment and successful implementation of sustainable features.  Meticulous planning of the landscaped garden in terms of biodiversity is one of the exemplary cases. 20 native flora species were planted, enabling the creation of a natural habitat. To meet with strict planning conditions, special attention was also given to protecting and relocating a set of palms.

Client City Developments Limited
Architect Axis Architects Planners
Project Design and build nineteen 6-storey buildings housing 228 units and basement car park of 250 lots
Total floor area 37,200 sqm
Number of storeys 6
Year 2008 – 2011